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Musonda shin injury not too severe; expected to miss ‘just over a month’

Chelsea loanee Charly Musonda Jr has returned to the club from Vitesse for further evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis


After initial diagnosis at Cobham, Musonda’s injury appears not as bad as first fear, though he will still miss at least one month.


Charly Musonda’s loan move to Vitesse, made with the expressed intent to restart his flagging but still highly promising career, has hit a major speedbump once again, this time in the form of an injury that is feared to be quite serious.

Vitesse, like most other top flight teams, have been on international break since Charly joined them at the end of last month, but he had been training at the club and was taking part in a closed doors friendly against Antwerp yesterday. According to a report by De Gelderlander, he suffered the injury in a collision just before half-time. As per standard loanee protocol, he’s now back at Chelsea to undergo further evaluation and diagnosis.

It’s unclear what the specific injury may be, but that the report speaks of a shin injury (a bone, not muscle) could point towards a fracture of some severity. Either way, Musonda is expected to be out “for months”, which is certainly not a good early sign.

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