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De Laurentiis finally done talking about Sarri, claims imaginary moral high ground

No further drama this time

US Sassuolo Calcio v SSC Napoli - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Napoli owner and president Aurelio De Laurentiis and Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri have been taking potshots of varying severity at each other through the media ever since their relationship ended acrimoniously last season. There’s not much point to recapping the drama, but while Sarri has played down some of the comments as jokes, it’s clear that he harbors some resentment. Finding out about your own sacking on television will tend to do that.

Of course, Sarri is now fully concentrated only on Chelsea. And De Laurentiis is finally doing the same as well.

“[Replying to Sarri?] Absolutely not. He said completely inaccurate things, but I’m not going to reply otherwise this will become a soap opera with unpleasant tones and that doesn’t interest anyone.

”I’m happy with Ancelotti and I have not heard from Sarri since the bottle of champagne we opened after the last game of the season. Zero contact.”

-Aurelio De Laurentiis; source: Corriere dello Sport via Sport Witness

As the person who’s been stoking the fires of this drama all along, it’s a bit disingenuous for De Laurentiis to claim the moral high ground but that’s just ADL for you.

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