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Let’s play FIFA 18: Chelsea vs. Bournemouth

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Simulating and playing Chelsea’s next Premier League match on FIFA 18. A Cherry versus Blue showdown.

In this series, I will use FIFA 18 to simulate as well as play the next Chelsea FC match with the difficulty on the highest level, because much like Chelsea FC, I occasionally like to make things difficult on myself for no reason whatsoever.

My shot at glory (with commentary)

For the starting lineup I have the following to take on the Cherries:

4-3-3: Arrizabalaga | Alonso, David Luiz, Rüdiger, Azpilicueta | Kovacic, Jorginho, Kanté | Hazard, Morata, Pedro

This time around I prepare material, have legitimate talking points, and lose. I’ve found out through doing this series that when you try and talk while doing something it becomes hard to do that thing. But remains important is that we lose in dramatic fashion and don’t rage at EA for not releasing FIFA 19 yet. Enjoy the show.

Computer Simulation

As always, this simulation also features the same lineups as above.