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Sarri defends (non-)winning record after latest petty low blow from Napoli owner

Sour grapes, pt. 2¹²

Leaders Sport Business Summit 2016 - Day One
“what I am doing here”
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Aurelio De Laurentiis, armed with a family name that’s synonymous with the Italian movie business, sure likes to hear himself talk. If there is limelight to be found, he’ll likely be there. That can lead to some insightful revelations or some fun drama. And it can also lead to boastful, controversial, annoying statements. His latest, reflecting on last season and the switch from Sarri to Ancelotti, fall more into that latter category than the former.

“From last season there remains the pleasure of playing so well but also the bitterness of having won nothing. We gave him (Sarri) everything and we won nothing in three years.”

-Aurelio De Laurentiis; source: L’Équipe via Daily Mirror

Having squeezed every last penny out of Chelsea in the Sarri/Jorginho double deal, most would be simply happy to move on, satisfied with another solid piece of business for his beloved Napoli, whom he dragged up from bankruptcy and the third division over the past twelve years. But not ADL. He has to fire multiple parting shots.

Fortunately Sarri isn’t reacting. He’s not going to give his former boss that satisfaction.

“I don’t know [why] he is talking about me? [Maybe] because he is missing me. He is used to doing it. We didn’t win in Naples, but we had the record number of points for the club, and then the second and third best.”

“We qualified three times for the Champions League, and it was unusual for Napoli. So I think we did very well. Nobody won in Italy except Juventus in the last seven years.”

Maurizio Sarri; source: Goal

Nice to see Sarri rise above and dismiss this latest bit of middle-school pettiness with some levity and a few facts.

Sarri’s record of zero trophies isn’t a secret. He’s led several teams to promotions over the years, but has never won any actual silverware. He’s not one to dwell on that, nor is he one to shy away from it. He’s acknowledged it repeatedly since taking over at Chelsea, where of course the name of the game is “winning trophies”, often at any cost. Sarri’s emphasis may be “fun”, but he also knows that fun without winning will not be very much fun at all at Chelsea.

Pretty much in the same breath that he was running down Sarri, De Laurentiis was praising his new coach, and former Double-winner at Chelsea, Carlo Ancelotti. According to ADL, Carlo is “a lovely man who came into the football world by mistake” — and that’s one thing we can all agree with the Napoli owner.

But it’s only a matter of time before De Laurentiis’ mood changes again. Ancelotti probably will not deserve that future wickedness coming his way, even if he’s wise to these games after a long and amazingly successful career both as a player and a manager.

“We’ll see if [De Laurentiis] will still think that even when we have lost one or two games.”

-Carlo Ancelotti; source: L’Equipe via Il Napolista

Good luck, Uncle Carlo.

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