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New Chelsea third shirt unofficially officially leaked all over the Internet

Faded denim look?

Images of Chelsea’s new third shirt have been circulating on the Internet since the usually-reliable Footy Headlines first posted a shot on August 3rd.

Since then another image has surfaced, making this leak unofficially the official confirmation.

So here it is. (Ed.note: it might actually be a mock-up of a leak, but either way, it’s probably pretty close to the final product.)

And on an actual human being, artfully but unhelpfully displayed.

We can’t see the back, but it looks like there might be a vertical stripe coming down from the collar (as on the away shirt). The sleeves are different to the torso, finally giving Chelsea a shirt with Nike’s trademark look from the last few years. I’m not a fan, but tastes differ. The badge is bereft of any red or other colour highlights, just two tones. We haven’t seen any leaks of the shorts or socks yet, so a bit of a mystery there.

Colors overall are a bit hard to tell as well; the shirt might be a faded denim kind of blue, or it might be a gray. (This is reminiscent of the gold dress/blue dress internet rage of a few years ago.) Previous leaks called it “baby blue”, comparing it to the very light blue 2005-06 away kit, the last by Umbro, in Chelsea’s centennial year.

UEFA Champions League: Barcelona v Chelsea Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images


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