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Kanté drives Chelsea to victory and then comforts the enemy, while smelling good

Just the most humble hero ever, that’s all.

Nobody needs to tell us that N’Golo Kanté is both a fantastic footballer and a lovable man. Even if he cheats at cards, by his own admission (a fact that was also immortalized in song at the World Cup).


Some amazing stories from Olivier Giroud and N'Golo Kanté! The pair relive their incredible journey to this summer's World Cup win!

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on Monday, August 20, 2018

The rest of the league and the rest of the world are slowly catching on as well, one precious moment at a time. Some probably cottoned on after The Greatest Midfielder in the World™ was too shy to ask for a touch of the FIFA World Cup Trophy after France bounced plucky Croatia in the final.

For one Arsenal fan, the moment of enlightenment came this weekend. After watching Chelsea top his team 3-2 and while in the process of drowning his sorrows out on the town, who should he run into but our humble hero? Who then proceeded to do the most Kanté thing ever by trying to comfort him.

So there you go, one more convert.

And know this, Sharky the Arsenal Fan, Kanté will never let you down. He is, as they say, the genuine article.

Also, he smells good.

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