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Chelsea loanee Kenedy escapes retrospective action for clear kick-out

Uh, anybody home, FA?

Photo by Simon Galloway/PA Images via Getty Images

Chelsea winger Kenedy, on loan at Newcastle United once again, had himself a match to forget this weekend as they drew 0-0 with Cardiff City in Wales.

The 22-year-old, who’s relied upon as the attacking fulcrum of Rafa Benitez’s side, not only became the first Premier League player in over 8 years to go without a completing a single pass in the first half, he also missed the game-winning penalty in added-on time, and was expected to be hit with a 3-match ban for a clear kick-out at Victor Camarasa.

Except, somehow, Kenedy will not be hit with retrospective action. Okay, maybe not “somehow”, but rather thanks to The FA’s continually silly rules.

Referee Craig Pawson, who was looking right at the incident, awarded a free kick at the time, but did not brandish a card of either color. This apparently still means that the situation is considered “handled” and thus ineligible for retrospective action, which is absolutely flabbergasting if the intent is to actually adjudicate the game with at least a token idea of some level of fairness and “justice” beyond just the whims of already incompetent referees who cannot possibly be expected to always make the right call anyway. Then again, we’ve seen such situations play out many times (both in favor and not in favor of Chelsea players), so perhaps it’s hardly shocking at this point.

Kenedy was going to be ineligible one way or another for Newcastle’s next game, which will be at home against Chelsea.

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