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WATCH: All the laughs, smiles, pranks, and jokes behind the scenes at Chelsea this week

Chelsea UNSEEN is back!

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Just a few days ago, I was lamenting in this very space that early signs were not looking good for Chelsea TV’s UNSEEN series of behind the scenes videos to continue this season, thanks to what continues to be a strong push for the new Chelsea app, The 5th Stand. With exclusive material getting shoved to the mobile platform, more readily accessible outlets like YouTube have been seemingly de-prioritized.

But, lo and behold, we have a new Chelsea UNSEEN, published at the usual Friday morning time, on the usual platform! And there was much rejoicing.

As always, UNSEEN is a fluffy, feel-good production, offering a few glimpses into training for the first-team, the youth team, and the women’s team, though this week’s edition, the first of the new season, certainly concentrates on the fun stuff, the laughs, the smiles, the pranks (Hazard on fitness coach Paolo Bertelli, for example), and the fake bicep-offs. I’m guessing Mateo Kovačić’s passing resemblance to Andreas Christensen is not meant to be funny, but I got a good laugh out of my own momentary confusion.

In any case, enjoy the good times.

NB.: The Manchester City “documentary” series, All or Nothing, is live on Amazon Prime, if you’re looking for more curated behind-the-scenes action in Premier League football. It’s not quite as PR-heavy as the Juventus Netflix series, so it makes for decent entertainment. Just have to remember that it’s mainly aimed at the non-hardcore crowd. Still, plenty of KDB for your eyeballs.

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