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N’Golo Kanté is the role model we all need


Just when you think you can’t love N’Golo Kanté any more, not only does he start the next phase of his midfield evolution (now featuring forward runs and goals!), he sits down with the Daily Mirror for an interview that once again reveals the depth of his humble, beautiful soul.

Read it.

Love it.

Live it.

“We are lucky to be playing football for a living. For me, this is what I have always wanted to do. To get to this level is all down to Allah’s blessing.

“There are millions of ­people out there, who every day want to get the opportunity to do the work we are doing and it’s a short career. That is why I give it my all at every given opportunity.

“I am lucky to get the ­opportunity to play for France and that alone is a huge motivation for me, whenever I go on the pitch. To represent one’s own country is one of the biggest achievements a ­footballer can get. To play for your nation on the world stage is worth more than money can ever buy, and I get to do that, so I am very ­fortunate. To win the World Cup in our colours was beyond my dreams and something I will never, ever forget. To be able to be part of that group will stay with us until the end of our lives ­because we know what ­winning the World Cup means to us.”

Kanté’s humility is already legendary. Obviously, with his values entrenched as deeply as they are, that’s not going to change just because he’s now also a World Cup-winner.

Still, every time he speaks, we wonder, how did we get so lucky?

“It’s a new season, we all start from zero again, and that is the way our job is. Whatever you did in the past is quickly forgotten. We all have to go again and prove we are worthy of our ­position. So, yeah, hopefully, I am able to do that again.”

“Now the system is ­something ­different, especially the way we play now. So, even during the ­holidays, we were thinking and talking about how to adapt. It will require a lot of sacrifice from us all, so that is why I have to continue ­moving forward as a player.

“I have worked with ­different managers in the past and different systems. The best way to always keep your position (in the team) is to ­remain focused and have the same attitude towards ­everyone. So that is what I am going to try to do again this season.”

-N’Golo Kanté; source: Mirror

Something tells me he’s going to succeed as usual.

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