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Jorginho brings joy and confusion with unique penalty on Premier League debut


Manchester City v Chelsea - FA Community Shield Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

After the gloom of last season, Chelsea were badly in need of a dose of positivity.

Enter Maurizio Sarri and "fun" football. Enter transfer window excitement. Enter Jorginho.

The former Napoli midfielder is a big, beaming smile with the body of a footballer attached to it. He hasn’t stopped smiling since day one. So when he scored his first Premier League goal on Saturday, the only thing that changed is that his smile became an even bigger smile!

Jorginho's goal came from the penalty spot, taken in rather unique style that we saw once in preseason as well.

We’ve seen the Frank Lampard or David Luiz method of bashing it into a corner many times (which seems to be the most sure-fire). We’ve seen the Hazard style of not even looking at the ball while sauntering up until the goalkeeper commits. And then there's Jorginho's style of ... well, whatever this is.

According to his coach of old and new, this isn’t a new thing.

“I don’t know, he has always kicked the penalty like today.”

-Maurizio Sarri; Source:

It's certainly unique, almost like an evolution of the classic "paradinha" where the shooter would stop suddenly to send the goalkeeper one way or the other. Here's Ronaldo showing how it's done, in a classic example.

Since that style was deemed illegal after a while, the modern paradinha needs to incorporate continuous movement while still throwing off the timing of the goalkeeper. By changing the approach speed, Jorginho's little hop serves the same purpose as the old stutter step, while also disguising the shape of the shot. Done correctly, it's probably unstoppable as it involves no guesswork on the shooter's part. For his part, Jorginho's has missed just once in 11 tries so far.

As an added bonus, it's confusing more than just the opposition goalkeeper. Here Huddersfield striker Steve Mounié, mind blown.

"It was weird.

“He jumped before the penalty and Ben (Hamer) had already dived, so I don’t know why the ref didn’t make him retake the penalty.

“It was a little bit weird. The ref needs to explain that to us because I don’t understand why (it was not retaken).

-Steve Mounié; source: Huddersfield Examiner


If it doesn’t have a nickname already, then it needs one. Bring on your suggestions, otherwise we're assigning "hippity-hoppity". And let's be honest, no one wants that.

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