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Drinkwater, Alonso looking forward to better days ahead at Chelsea

“We’re all determined to do better than last season”

Photo by Clive Howes/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

The players are back, preseason training is about to start, and the first official preseason match is just around the corner, on July 23 in Perth, Australia.

Those Chelsea players who were not involved in the World Cup returned to Cobham on Saturday and have gone through a few fitness and medical checks in the two days since. These activities were overseen by the physios and the sports therapy staff, who work, more or less, independently of any head coach. It’s unclear exactly what Conte & Co were up to — other than taking group photos — but they were there too and they are set to go with actual preseason training either today or tomorrow (reports differ).

The start of training also means the start of setting an intention for next season. As one might imagine, it’s the obvious one: do better than last season.

Here are Marcos Alonso and Danny Drinkwater, who had the honor of being the first two featured interviews on the official Chelsea website of the new season, to tell us just that.

“Now we want to get back to the top level in the league after a not very good year...”

-Marcos Alonso; source: Chelsea FC

“I’m really looking forward to getting going again.”

“We’re all determined to do better than last season, although it was a good way to end with the FA Cup. We know what is expected of this club and we want to win trophies, that’s what it’s all about.”

-Danny Drinkwater; source: Chelsea FC

For Tenacious Double D, last season was a though one on a personal level, too, as he dealt with constant injuries and lots of time on the bench. Now he can’t wait to get going again, even if that means lots of tough fitness work initially.

“It’s all about building up your fitness at this stage. Pre-season is always hard, your body needs time to get used to it, but it’s such an important time of the year. You need to get the balance right between work and rest, watching what you eat and giving yourself the best chance of getting into that rhythm.”

-Danny Drinkwater; source: Chelsea FC

Luckily for him and the rest of the poor, out-of-shape souls, Conte has that ready for them, and in spades, apparently.

“We have got two weeks to get ourselves into shape and prepare for [the match against Perth Glory]. The season starts now”

-Marcos Alonso; source: Chelsea FC

Two weeks to the first preseason match, four weeks to the Community Shield, five to the opener against Huddersfield.

As a certain coach loves to say, it’s time to work work work work.

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