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Antonio Conte is taking legal action against Chelsea FC — report

Lawyer up!

Photo by Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

The football side of the relationship drama between Chelsea and Conte is now well over. Maurizio Sarri has been in place for almost a week, pre-season is in full swing, and we’ve even made a major signing! We’re short on time, but certainly not on hope.

The legal side of the relationship drama between Chelsea and Conte is just getting started. The lawyers have been in place for over a week, battle lines are being drawn, and one party might have already been served. They’ve got nothing but time to sort this out.

As per previous reports as well as Matt Hughes’ report today’s Times, here are the two sides’ arguments, claims, demands.


  • Demanding compensation agreed in the contract signed last summer (i.e. the £9m yearly salary)
  • Demanding additional compensation for the damage caused to his career and the loss of future earnings by Chelsea waiting until one week into pre-season to sack him.
  • The delay made it impossible for Conte to take another job as he was under contract with Chelsea and remained committed to the club


  • Sacking with “just cause”, thus previously agreed upon compensation withheld.
  • The just cause includes charges of irregular conduct (falling out with players; conflict with upper management) and repeated public criticism of his employers during the second season.

There is no word on what the situation is for the rest of Conte’s staff, who may or may not have been sacked under similar conditions.

Both sides appear confident in their case, which of course they would be otherwise Chelsea wouldn’t have sacked conte without compensation and Conte wouldn’t be firing back.

Chances are that, as in most such situations, this will be settled out of court before anyone has to air any truly dirty laundry. Until then, it’s just another bit of melodrama to ensure that not a single boring day ever passes by at Chelsea Football Club.

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