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Nike and Chelsea launch gloriously yellow 2018-19 away kit

Yellow shirt, yellow shorts ... BLUE socks??

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As is the case with most new kits these days, Chelsea’s yellow away kit for the upcoming season has been spoiled a long time ago. In fact, they were even spotted in the wild last month, so the official launch should not contain any surprises.

The kit will be first worn on July 28, in the friendly against Inter Milan.

And that’s largely true.

There is one major surprise however, and that’s the socks, which are ... blue! Chelsea have worn yellow many times, first in 1963 and then throughout the decades since, but only once were the socks not yellow. That was in 2007-08 when they were black to match the shorts. This year however the shorts are also yellow, so it’s a bit surprising to see them matched with blue socks.

The yellow jersey and shorts are complemented by a pair of rush blue socks which feature a yellow band across the shin.

-source: Nike


In fact, only white or blue socks are being sold for 2018-19, so either way, we’re getting something new with the classic yellow.

The shirt itself is fantastic. For me, yellow away is just as it should be, and other than maybe the semi-scoop (?) collar, this is perfect. Except maybe the socks...

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