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The FA apologizes for glorifying Willian’s petulance

Award for Creativity was another in a long line of bad moves by the organization

Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The Football Association, aka The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, is at it again.

For three hours on Tuesday they left up a tweet that praised Willian for his “creativity” in Chelsea’s post-FA Cup victory celebrations. How was Willian creative? Oh, you know, by disrespecting Antonio Conte and effectively erasing him from the team celebration photo.

Is it any surprise that someone at The FA thought that was a good idea? And didn’t spot the problem for three long hours? No, not really.

Eventually, someone over there finally twigged that ridiculing Antonio Conte was not in their mission statement and yanked the tweet. The perfunctory apology via a spokesperson arrived soon after: “We apologise for any offence caused and we have removed the tweet.”

This latest gaffe comes hot on the heels of The FA embarrassing themselves with a Harry Kane joke on Twitter after Spurs lost to Manchester United in the FA Cup semifinal.

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