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Wheels in motion for Chelsea’s Jorginho gazump, but Sarri still stuck in neutral

Globe-trotting Jorginho heading to London; Sarri not far behind, maybe.

SSC Napoli v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

It’s wheels up once again for globe-trotting Jorginho, whose movements across our planet’s skies have been making headlines for two solid days now. First, he flew from Brazil to England Italy, then he flew from Italy to England Italy, and now, he’s flying from Italy to England ... England? Finally?

First he flew home to say goodbye, then he flew in to Milan for some reason (there’s a picture!), just to stay for a few hours at some hotel, and now he’s heading to London. Third time is the charm! If this weren’t Silly Season, I’d say he could be an international man of mystery trying to lose a tail. Mission Impossible: Chelsea make a signing.

But even as the wheels of the Jorginho deal remain in motion, both figuratively and literally, the Sarri component continues to tread water just as it has for the last two months. Jorginho is supposed to be the key — wheels within wheels — but Pedulla continues to talk about lawyers and negotiations while said lawyers are talking about a multitude of unspecified complications.

“There is a lot happening at the moment. There was a meeting in Rome at the offices of (President Aurelio) De Laurentiis, without Sarri. We exchanged views with the English club and the Coach’s lawyers: this matter is 10 times more complicated compared to when he arrived.

“The issue is there are so many clauses that De Laurentiis is looking after personally. He wants to leave nothing to chance for the rest of the years that Sarri will be on the Chelsea bench, assuming that should happen.

“These are dynamics that we have been facing and should be concluded by the end of the week, but it’s still a work in progress. Let’s just say that there is a pact of non-belligerence on the transfer market, we can call it that.”

-Mattia Grassani; source: Radio CRC via Football Italia

Again with this non-belligerence nonsense. No one wants your Raul Albiols, Napoli! Jorginho is the prize, and he was leaving already, so that’s not part of it. Koulibaly, Hysaj, Milik, whoever else ... they can keep them.

Let’s get this done and dusted already!

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