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Didier Drogba pays tribute to Branislav Ivanovic’s legendary asset

Premier Ass-et

Branislav Ivanović was known for many things as a Chelsea player, including but not limited to, playing a ton of minutes, scoring legendary goals, being a hilarious right back who made hilarious charges up the right flank to then blast a cross into the first man or unfurl his one and only cutback move, sitting on crossbars to celebrate European trophies, being very bad at diving, and having a rather large heart. And an even bigger spirit. And even greater determination. And also a big butt.

That’s right, the man was powered by massive glutes. They were hard to miss. They literally made headlines (though they were referring to a headbutt, but let’s not worry about the butt storm technicalities).

They even have their own tribute video on YouTube: “Premier Footballer — Premier Ass”.

As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones to notice.

It’s been three years since Drogba last played with Ivanović, but legends are legends and are never forgotten. Here’s Didier trying on some pants (i.e. trousers), which may be just a tad bit too tight in a certain area, and thus show off the “Ivanović ass”.


(Ivanović isn’t on social media since he’s a grumpy old man, so Matić, Hazard, who’s no slouch in this particular department either, Willian, and Filipe Luis get the tags. LOL!)

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