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Eden Hazard: ‘That’s why we love Chelsea’

Right talk, right action?

Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Final

Eden Hazard may or may not see eye-to-eye with everything Antonio Conte wants or does or asks of him, but they do share at least one common objective: return Chelsea to the top and continue winning titles and trophies. Hazard’s of course much more likely to get to actually work on that project, although the longer the managerial situation drags on, the more likely it’s going to be that Conte stays, too, against all odds.

While some rumors have made Hazard’s future a condition of Conte’s (in an inverse relationship), Eden looks quite likely to stay regardless — not that we were ever really that concerned otherwise — thanks to the resignation of Zidane at Real Madrid and their apparent desire to sign the likes of Lewandowski and Neymar instead. Plus, Hazard keeps saying things like this:

“I think all of the players and the club want one thing and that’s to win the title. Of course we will see if we can bring in some new players, it’s part of the job. But we will be focused on winning the title, that’s it.

”Okay we don’t play in the Champions League, but last year we didn’t play in it and won the League. We need this mentality, players to produce and make the difference. That’s why we love Chelsea.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Evening Standard

This winning mentality wasn’t always on full display this past year, but the squad buckled down for the FA Cup final and thus were able to end the season on a good note. The few weeks that have come and gone since have been less promising; we can only hope that the remaining two months live up to the players’ and fans’ expectations.

Hazard’s contract with just two years remaining is still also a concern, but Chelsea are apparently set to return to the negotiating table after the World Cup and finally (finally!) hammer out that contract extension.

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