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Chelsea re-launch official mobile app after mobile-friendly official website redesign

From the department of redundancy department

Chelsea used to have an official mobile app for many years, for both iOS and Android. It was fairly useful in an era when everything was an “App”, most importantly because it allowed you to stream Chelsea TV, which was helpful when, say, a proxy server prevented desktop streaming. It was audio only (despite the name of the service); but hey, better than nothing.

Support for all of that stopped a few years ago (2014-ish?). Mobile streaming for Chelsea TV itself worked for a while through the website and a browser — cumbersome but workable, after installing a separate ‘Hook’ app to make the Ooyala-based video work — but support eventually ceased for that as well.

Meanwhile, the web evolved into a mobile web (see this very blog’s design, for example), especially as phone screens kept growing. Chelsea themselves have just recently launched a bold redesign of the official website, making it much more mobile-friendly and, as a typically sad consequence, very much desktop-unfriendly.

The last thing that evolution should lead to is for the club to relaunch the separate app as well, but that’s precisely what happened yesterday when “The 5th Stand” went live in at least the Google Play store. Despite it’s non-obvious name — should’ve called it “The 5th Place” heyyyooo — it’s definitely the official Chelsea app, replicating the (still in beta) content of the mobile website in a ... mobile ... app. It’s a slightly different look, but that’s strange in and of itself as well. So about as confusing as our transfer strategy this summer.

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