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Belgium unconcerned about latest Eden Hazard knock

Another game, another painful reminder

Photo by Peter De Voecht / Photonews via Getty Images

Another match-winning performance from Eden Hazard last night for Belgium, yet another goal, yet another assist, and yet another knock. It was the same in the previous game as well, against Egypt, which possibly could’ve (should’ve?) resulted in Hazard getting a rest. But he didn’t, and so he played and played very well. But when he was substituted in the second-half, he was visibly limping and that has led to some concerned post-match questions.

Belgium manager Roberto Martinez joined the likes of Lukaku and Mertens in downplaying any lingering effects from this latest knock.

“He’s very strong, he just had a dead leg towards the end of the match. I really enjoyed his performance. He was sharp and strong, he was majestic.”

-Roberto Martinez; source: AFP

Eden was taken out while going for a pass from brother Thorgan, who joined the chorus in expressing his belief that his older brother will be just fine.

“It was a little knock. He’ll be fine. I have to say sorry as it was on one of my passes that it happened.”

-Thorgan Hazard; source: SudPresse via AFP

It’s unclear if Hazard leaving camp for a bit to fly back to London is related to this or not. Belgium are set to leave for Russia tomorrow (Wednesday), so Eden has a bit of time to attend to some commitments, say hi to the family, and maybe even swing by Cobham for a dose of magic spray.

“I‘m not too worried about Eden, he’s a tough guy. He gets kicked all the time, but soon gets over it.”

-Romelu Lukaku; source: AFP

Let us hope so. The tournament starts in a week!

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