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Eden Hazard prefers Chelsea over Champions League

Hazard wants to play in the Champions League ... but he wants to stay at Chelsea even more!

In an exclusive interview with SFR Sport — i.e. NOT some random Instagram comment — Eden Hazard has just about declared his undying love for Chelsea Football Club and hang on let me read the translation again to be sure that’s what he said...

“I hope (the fans) don’t want to see me leave. I’m doing good things here. I’m happy here. Things can move, or they may not move. We’ll see.

“The public adore me, I love my teammates, my family are good here. Of course I want to play in the Champions League, but it isn’t a priority.”

-Eden Hazard; source SFR Sport via Sky

Okay, so maybe not undying. You never know in football, after all. But pretty close.

Hazard talked about winning the Champions League as his ultimate aim at the start of the season, but that didn’t quite happen — partly because of his own poor play, as he admitted recently. Now there is a good chance he’ll have to wait at least two years before he can win it. If he stays.

But it sounds like he’s happier staying and waiting for (and working for) that next opportunity with Chelsea, than leaving the club just to guarantee that opportunity next season.

Love you, too, Eden!

Time to get that new contract done.

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