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First official pictures for both versions of Chelsea’s 2018-19 Nike home kit leaked

Blue remains the colo(u)r; phew!

Another kit leak for next year’s home shirts confirming everything we had already known. But these are what look like the official professional photos from Nike themselves, so it’s just about as real as it gets before the actual unveiling.

As to when that unveiling might occur, it’s anyone’s guess. It used to be tradition to wear the new shirts for the last match of the old season — except last year due to the manufacturer switch — but perhaps Nike want to to things differently than adidas.

Either way, here’s TodoSobreCamisetas with the scoop on what seems like a big day for them with home kits for Manchester City and PSG leaking as well. Somebody forgot to lock the proverbial door at Nike it seems!

Other than the extra detail on the shoulders (which might only be there on the “players” shirt), this looks exactly like the previous leaks, with the ‘80s-inspired horizontal red and white short stripes adding a bit of interest. The golden border of the badge does seem a bit more emphasized than this season’s.

The fan (i.e. cheaper) version of the kit has the previously seen “Blue is the colour” tag on the inside of the neck, while the professional “vapour” shirt has that offset a little bit. Otherwise, the two are essentially the same (minus the cut and the actual technical materials used ... and of course the price). TSC have detailed photos of both versions if you want to play a game of spot the difference.

In case you forgot, here’s a reminder of the full set of home/away/third shirts for next season, spoiled as usual well before their actual reveal. Happy to have yellow back for the away, but I’m still quite unsure about that third shirt.

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