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Musonda, Blackman, Boga return to Chelsea

Chelsea Loan Army starts coming home

The end of the club football season is just around the corner, which means that Chelsea’s massive loan army will start filtering back to Cobham over the next few weeks. Some leagues have already finished in fact, including the Championship (outside of the promotion playoffs), so players who were playing there are now done.

A couple of them we’ve barely talked about all season, including Jeremie Boga, who helped Birmingham City avoid relegation with a couple goals in 30+ appearances (24 starts). The 21-year-old was a mainstay of the side throughout the bulk of the season. Boga has two years left on his Chelsea contract. He began this season in the first-team squad after a solid preseason (and even started against Burnley in the first match); presumably he will do that same this summer as well.

Back also is goalkeeper Jamal Blackman, who played a fair amount for Sheffield United, especially early in the season when they looked like a potential candidate for promotion. Their fortunes faded all the way to midtable in the second-half of the season with the 24-year-old playing less often. Blackman is three more years on his contract at Chelsea but it’s not looking all that likely that he will actually play for us ever again.

But the real bit of news is that Charly Musonda Jr is back at Chelsea as well, and probably for good. It’s the expected outcome after all the back-and-forth quota-off drama with Brendan Rodgers, who confirmed over the weekend that Charly is receiving treatment for a shoulder injury at Cobham (as per standard lonaee procedure).

But Musonda’s mother revealed in her tweet that her little boy is “back for good”, which seems pretty clear that there isn’t all that much left to discuss between him and Rodgers at Celtic. Six months in the 18-month loan, it appears that they are done.

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