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Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United, FA Cup final: Tunnel cam, highlights, celebrations

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs

It’s been far too easy to move past Saturday’s win. It is, after all, just a sideshow to the real drama of Conte’s future and Chelsea’s transfer window, right? Right. Mostly.

The FA Cup certainly doesn’t enjoy the prestige it once had, but it still counts as a major trophy and Chelsea winning it for the 8th time, completing a clean sweep for the season of all three available (youth, women’s, men’s), should be celebrated accordingly. It should not be overlooked that even in this season of not finishing in the top four, Chelsea still managed to add another trophy to the cabinet.

Fortunately, the FA do have some quality content on YouTube in which we can indulge our happier moods, including the tunnel cam (see above) and highlights of the match as well as the celebrations afterwards.

It’s all very positive and happy and we certainly need more of that in today’s world. Look at all those hugs in the tunnel! (Except that far too conspiratorial-looking hug and chat between Willian and Silvino Louro.)

Let’s have some Conte hugs instead, shall we? (Contrary to some reports, there were plenty.)

It’s going to be a busy summer, possibly very dramatic, and certainly quite crucial, but we’re starting it on the best foot possible, with this tasty victory.

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