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The Daily Hilario: We need to talk

Season’s over; time to clean house.

Chelsea unveil Antonio Conte as new Manager Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Hello there, intrepid WAGNH commenters!

I’ve got a lot of issues with you people.

Well, actually just one. It’s pretty simple. The comments, in general, have gotten to be rather toxic.

This seems to happen every few years because this is the way of the Internet, so consider this a warning of sorts. The guidelines, especially with regards to relentless negativity, meta comments, and general unwelcoming behavior, will be strictly enforced.

There’s not much point to the comments if they’re just going to be another Twitter-esque cesspool of insults, hot takes, and other assorted nonsense. You can help us out by flagging (and otherwise ignoring) the offending comments.

The idea is to enhance the online Chelsea fan experience. Look to engage, keep an open mind, and be excellent to each other.

Thank you,
The Management

P.S.: This is also your chance to tell me what sort of things you’d like to see more of on the blog — other than player ratings, which I will eventually get around to.

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