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Juventus CEO promises Massimiliano Allegri will be in Turin next season

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He guarantees it. Because it’s his decision, apparently.

Italian Football Federation 'Panchine D'Oro E D'Argento' Prize Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Another day, another spin on the Chelsea manager rumor-roundabout. This one’s about Massimiliano Allegri again. It’s his hat trick, after yesterday’s story about his (very, very expensive) demands and the day before’s speculation about him leaving.

To change things up, this time he’s not leaving, he’s staying. You can take it to the bank, according to Juventus CEO Beppe Moratta. Well, actually according to Italian TV Rai Sport (via Football Italia), the outlet used by him to issue a statement on the subject, rather than address the rest of the news-hungry media.

So here’s Rai’s statement, in their new role as Moratta’s spokespeople.

“We spoke with Marotta a few hours ago and he authorised us to release this statement: Marotta denies all the reports of the last few days and affirms Massimiliano Allegri will 100 per cent be the Juventus Coach next season.”

“He said we could quote him on that and made his position absolutely clear with an official statement on behalf of Marotta and of Juventus.”

So it’s settled, right? Max is staying. No more stories to tell. Beppe guaranteed it.

Yeah, right. We can see three problems here. One, a CEO’s statement (issued through a third party, no less) isn’t always the final word. Two, when the media sink their teeth into a story they’re like a dog with a bone. You ever tried to take a bone away from a dog? They’re not big fans of it. They like their bone and they will try to keep it.

And finally, it’s not Beppe Moratta’s decision to make. It’s Massimiliano Allegri’s decision, and he hasn’t issued a “100% guarantee” through Rai Sport or anyone else.

So, we can probably expect another Allegri story as early as tomorrow. What’s the word for four in a row?