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Let’s play FIFA 18: WAGNH vs. BtH (or Chelsea vs. West Ham)

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Simulating and playing Chelsea’s next Premier League match on FIFA 18. WAGNH vs. BTH in a Super Sunday FIFA 18 preview special.

In this series, I will use FIFA 18 to simulate as well as play the next Chelsea FC match -- with the difficulty on the highest level, because much like Chelsea FC, I occasionally like to make things difficult on myself for no reason whatsoever.

My shot at glory (with commentary)

For the starting lineup I have the following to take on the Hammers:

Courtois | Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta | Alonso, Kante, Fabregas, Moses | Hazard, Morata, Willian

This time around I take on Jackson Schmidtke of Brace the Hammer. Jackson and I play each other in FIFA and discuss West Ham’s season thus far and how they’ve lived or not lived up to expectations. As well as talking about the London Stadium and Jackson’s perception of West Ham before and after the Burnley incident. The gameplay itself was pretty exciting and had quite the exciting ending the Blues.

Computer Simulation

As always, this simulation also features the same lineups as above.