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How should Chelsea line up against West Ham in Spurs hangover game?

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Time to prove that the party isn’t over yet

Antonio Conte could go a couple of ways in the first match after the Armageddon of breaking a 28-year unbeaten streak against Spurs at the Bridge and likely missing out on the Champions League.

He could pick a strong first team and keep battling for all remaining 21 points in the Premier League schedule and put pressure on Tottenham. Or he could opt to give some of his less-used players — like Emerson, Aina, Bakayoko — a run-out.

We want a win regardless, of course. And with the turmoil swirling around the club and the manager, this team’s will to fight through adversity is likely to be scrutinized, especially by those who feel there’s a lack of leadership in the dressing room.

There are still things to be learned about this team. In a way, we’re already taking the first steps towards next season, while also not forgetting that a trophy can still be won in the FA Cup. But a win on Sunday would be a welcome, if temporary balm for sore feelings.

With that in mind, choose your team to top West Ham.

And as ever, choose wisely.

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