POLL: Who should be the next Chelsea manager?

Which manager would keep the Blue flag flying the highest? - Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The rumors are flying left and right this week on whom Chelsea will hire to replace Antonio Conte.

Just this week, there were fresh rumors regarding current Juventus boss Max Allegri and current AS Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim, adding to the shortlist that had already included the not quite as busy Thomas Tuchel and Luis Enrique. All that's on top of old links to the likes of Maurizio Sarri, Carlo Ancelotti, Diego Simeone, Marco Silva, Brendan Rodgers, and I'm sure countless others.

A case could be made for any of the above-mentioned candidates, but I wanted to gauge the preference of the Chelsea community as a whole. Choose wisely!

(I'm also including Conte as an option — even if the mood has probably soured on him a fair bit since the last WAGNH poll conducted two months ago. I still think he's probably the best manager of the group; I just think things are too far gone with him and the squad and the board to keep him at this point.)

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