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Antonio Conte third fastest to 50 Premier League wins

Not long ago, Antonio Conte looked on track to reach 50 Premier League wins faster than even Pep Guardiola for the second quickest mark in league history. Thanks to Chelsea’s indifferent form since the New Year, he’s had to settle for just third.

Still, Conte’s only four games behind the man everyone’s hailing as a football messiah once again, despite “struggling” almost as much in his first season at City last year as Conte has “struggled” in his second season at Chelsea this year.

As impressive as Guardiola’s 69 and Conte’s 73 games needed to reach 50 wins are, they’re well off the pace of Mourinho’s 63 from his first two seasons at Chelsea. That mark may never be breached.

In case you’re wondering, the next fastest after Conte is Sir Alex Ferguson (82 games), while Wenger (94), Klopp (95), and Benitez (93), just to pick a few, all did it under 100. The fastest to 100 Premier League wins is of course Mourinho as well, taking 142 games over the course of two stints to set the mark. Incidentally, that win came against Manchester United. After Mourinho, it’s Ferguson (162), Wenger (179), Benitez (181), and Dalglish (197) who were the fastest to 100 wins. Will Conte get a chance to reach that mark? Probably not. So let’s celebrate the big 50 instead!

Congrats, Antonio!

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