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That time at Wembley when Giroud’s own Chelsea teammates missed his glorious goal

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They had to settle for tunnel vision

Chelsea v Southampton - The Emirates FA Cup Semi Final Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

One of the challenges of going to a live sporting event is that it’s easy to miss the exciting bits. You’re looking away, you’re typing some desperately important message, or you’re a tiny bit late getting back to your seat because the lines are never-ending at concessions or the facilities. (Ed.note: Looking at you, Matthew Harding Stand, where it’s impossible to buy and consume a beverage during half-time without missing some bit of the action.)

That’s exactly what happened to a good many Chelsea fans when Olivier Giroud scored the go-ahead goal in the 46th minute of the FA Cup semi-final against Southampton on Sunday. Check out all those vacant seats when Giroud went for the kill seconds after the whistle blew to restart the action.

And a screen grab of said stands, where hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fans paid good money to miss the best goal of the game.

But you know who else missed the action? Chelsea players and staff who were still making the trip from dressing room, through the media zone and up the tunnel onto the pitch. Andreas Christensen was one. He hustled out to see what that loud noise was all about.

Another was suspended Marcos Alonso, in street clothes because he wasn’t going to play no matter what. Like the wily veteran that he is, he made a smarter choice than AC and went to the small monitor in the mixed zone to see the replays.

My favorite bit? The ooh la las from the assembled players and staff as they grab an eyeful of La Barbe Magnifique taking over Wembley Stadium, like he likes.