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WATCH: Giroud’s goal against Southampton even more glorious in slow motion

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Giroud at play in his garden.

Olivier Giroud boasted that he’s “basically unbeaten” at Wembley ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup semifinal against Southampton. Bold words like that can come back to bite painfully, but Giroud backed up the talk with action, scoring a sensational opening goal barely 30 seconds into the second half.

A long ball from Fàbregas, lovely control from Hazard and a perfectly weighted pass to Giroud were nice enough, but when the big man got to work, things got turned up to eleven, and then some.

Mario Lemina slid, missed.

Maya Yoshida, who had already prevented a goal with a spectacular block on Eden Hazard, could only look behind him as he overcommitted.

Cedric, wrong-footed, was the third to fall down.

And then goalkeeper Alex McCarthy hacked down his own man, Bednarek.

Body count: 5.

Meanwhile, Giroud contorted his body to not only step around all these poor souls whose corpses now littered the battlefield, but somehow poke the ball into the net with his right foot despite first kicking into Cedric’s foot and losing his balance. Another Puskás Award incoming?

Words don’t it justice. Slow motion does. We’ve been watching this all day.

“I told my team-mates that I really wanted them to enjoy the FA Cup because I know what the feeling is to win here. Playing [at Wembley] is like playing in my garden, I love to play here and love to win here.”

-Olivier Giroud; source: BT Sport via Goal

Chelsea striker scoring massive goals and winning at Wembley? Sounds familiar. A cup final on May 19th? It’s how legends are made, Olivier.