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Álvaro Morata apologises for tantrum

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A miss, a fit and an apology.

It’s been a challenging season for Alvaro Morata. A new league, a new and extra-physical style of play, a target-man role which may not suit him as well as we had hoped, a back injury ... and a ... few ... missed chances along the way.

He had another one on Thursday at Turf Moor, a missed chance that is, when Burnley were showing signs of life and a second goal would have put them away.

It’s not the first ... or second ... or third ... time he’s missed one like that (Arsenal in our 1-1 draw in January comes to mind) and it looks like the frustration finally got the best of him. When Conte decided to substitute him fifteen minutes later (for reasons not necessarily related to the miss) Morata had a bit of a fit on the sidelines, including throwing things around on the bench.

As Conte himself said, Morata should be angry. It would be a bad sign if he weren’t, because every player needs a competitive fire. And there’s added pressure on him, given that he came in as a £58 million leader of the attack.

Still, Morata was sensitive to how his tantrum was perceived and within two hours had issued a public apology on Twitter. He’s nothing if not aware of how he’s perceived by the media and fans; perhaps even too aware, often times too concerned.

No apology needed, Alvaro. Keep fighting.