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FA reject appeal, confirm Marcos Alonso suspension

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Three-match ban confirmed for the Chelsea left back.

Southampton v Chelsea - Premier League

As expected, Marcos Alonso has been suspended for three matches by the FA following the ‘incident’ with Shane Long, which connected a few studs of Alonso’s left boot with the back of the Southampton striker’s calf. While this happened right in front of referee Mike Dean, he claimed to have not seen it (as opposed to seeing it and just making a bad decision), which opened up the possibility of retroactive punishment.

Alonso’s ban was confirmed this morning. He had until 6pm last night to appeal.

The surprising bit is that, as confirmed by the official announcement, he did appeal, denying the charge and claiming that a “suspension would be excessive”. But the appeal was rejected, and the charges, along with the three-match ban have stayed in place.

Alonso’s suspension begins today and covers the next three games, including Sunday’s FA Cup semifinal

  • Burnley vs. Chelsea, Premier League, today;
  • Chelsea vs. Southampton, FA Cup semi-final, April 22nd;
  • Swansea vs. Chelsea, Premier League, April 28th;

So that’s not great, having to face a few crucial games — still a mathematical chance of a top four and of course a realistic shot at the FA Cup final place — but this does give Emerson Palmieri a chance to show just what he’s all about. The January signing, who’s barely featured so far has been confirmed in the starting lineup for tonight.