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Managerial uncertainty affecting Chelsea transfer business — report

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Nothing new.

Southampton v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

It is a story we have heard many times before. Chelsea sack managers often enough that it’s almost a yearly concern. Certainly a biennial one. With another change at the helm looking likely this summer, prospective (or even current) players might not be too keen to make early transfer decisions and would prefer to wait until that situation is sorted out. For some, who might want to work with a certain coach, this could actually be a concern, though most people join Chelsea for Chelsea (i.e. money, prestige, etc) rather than the head coach.

It could be a bonus of course. Kante, Bakayoko, all the players from Serie A have all mentioned how they were looking forward to working with the current head coach. Others used to do the same with Mourinho. But they all realize the constant fluidity of the situation, surely.

In any case, this narrative is the basis for the Daily Mail’s claims today, who highlight Chelsea’s supposed pursuit of Nice midfielder Jean Michael Seri, whom Arsenal and Manchester City are monitoring as well. Chelsea are by no means in an advantageous situation here even to begin with, and not knowing who the head coach next year will be could reasonably affect negotiations. But it’s not the only thing affecting this situation, or any other, and as mentioned before, and Chelsea surely know how to handle this scenario in a non-disastrous manner already.

Is this a potential CRISIS, as the media will repeatedly claim? Probably not. While it would certainly be better if we already knew who will be in charge (at the start of) next season, especially in what will be an abbreviated and congested summer transfer window, for now, we can probably manage the situation as is.

For now.

P.S.: Not having a Director of Football or, seemingly, a coherent sense of direction and strategy could be a cause for real concern...