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The Daily Hilario: Matchweek 33 continued

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

adidas Originals: Exit the expected at Coachella Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for adidas


30th goal of the Premier League season for the Egyptian forward. What a signing.


Finally, they’re back in the Premier League. Fun fact: Wolves have 7 Portuguese players in their squad and their manager is Portuguese as well. Wolves das Quinas.

Also, we’ll get to see what Neves can do against the big boys but I think he’ll be poached by other clubs before that happens.


This is one for the bucket list.


Basically, Rock’s new movie, “Rampage” presently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 53%. If it keeps this score, it will become the highest rated video game inspired movie of all time. 53% isn’t that high, of course, but the standards have been set pretty low for video game movies so far.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
13.30: Premier League, 10th vs 6th: Newcastle United vs Arsenal
14.00: Serie A, 6th vs 2nd: AC Milan vs Napoli
14.30: Bundesliga, 2nd vs 3rd: Schalke 04 vs Dortmund
15.15: La Liga, 2nd vs 17th: Atlético Madrid vs Levante
16.00: Premier League, 2nd vs 20th: Manchester United vs West Brom
17.00: Serie A, 1st vs 8th: Juventus vs Sampdoria
19.45: La Liga, 20th vs 4th: Malaga vs Real Madrid
19.45: Serie A, 3rd vs 4th: Lazio vs Roma
20.00: Ligue 1, 1st vs 2nd: PSG vs Monaco