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Just ‘keep believing’: Giroud inspires Chelsea comeback with words, actions, goals

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da real OG

Southampton v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

Olivier Giroud had been waiting for this moment since joining Chelsea 2.5 months ago. He had spoken many times about how much he wanted to score his first league goal for his new club, even after he put in good, if goal-less (outside of the FA Cup) performances.

That his first Premier League goal in a Blue shirt came with the team trailing by two goals was probably not how he imagined it, but that didn’t deter him from not only inspiring the subsequent comeback with his goals, but with his words as well.

“Yeah, obviously I was waiting for it - I tried so many times to put the ball in the back of the net.”

“When I came on, I said to Eden to keep believing. I didn’t tell him we were going to score, but I believed after the first goal we scored. It’s very nice for the team.”

Antonio Conte gave credit for the unlikely comeback (first of its kind at Chelsea since 2002) to the players, and Giroud was chief among those who deserve plenty of those plaudits.

“We showed great character and team spirit.”

”The most important thing is to show some character. I have been through difficulties in my career, other times I tried to come back stronger. And it happened today. The second goal... the most important thing is even if you concede one or two you never give up.

”I’m very proud of what we did today.”

Chelsea are often accused of “lacking leaders” these days, just like Giroud’s former team, so it is a bit unexpected that the former Arsenal man would be the one to step up and lead the way, but that’s precisely what happened today.

Of course, the Blues are still well outside of the top four with little hope of making it, but we do have a trophy to fight for in the FA Cup, and in the league ... well, it’s not over until it’s over.

“As long as mathematically it’s possible, we will believe. We have five or six finals to play. Let’s do the job.”

-Olivier Giroud; source: Sky via Evening Standard

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