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Willian sends warning to Manchester City: Chelsea will be back, and he will be too

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The man believes in his club!

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

If he’s said it once, he’s said it a thousand times: Willian is not leaving Chelsea. He loves the club and he wants to stay, nonsense rumors about Mourinho poaching him notwithstanding.

But just in case there’s anyone out there who didn’t get the message, Willian is happy to repeat it yet again. He’s here to stay. And fight.

“I like to play for Chelsea. On the pitch I want to do my best always to fight until the last minute. To do my best for this club. To continue to win titles because this club deserves always to win titles.

“I think we have to continue to improve for next season. To improve ourselves. To think about what we did well, what we did not so well and to try to make something different next season.”

We humans, frail as we are, tend to look at what is, and believe that it will always be. Chelsea in 2015, Chelsea in 2017, City this season all won the league comfortably, setting records along the way, and were set to follow those titles with years and years of domination.

But Willian knows that no Premier League champions have successfully defended their title in over a decade, and, if he has anything to say about it, that trend will continue next season

“Of course they continue to do very well this season. Last season they did well as well. They have a great team. Great players. Quality players.

“But the Premier League is very difficult to say that one team is going to dominate the next few years. I don’t think so. Next season will be totally different to this season. Maybe they can win again but you never know because Chelsea are going to come back stronger for sure.

“You also have Liverpool, you have Tottenham, you have Manchester United, Arsenal — a lot of teams that can win the Premier League.”

-Willian; source: Metro

For sure!

It might not seem obvious at the moment, but Willian, who’s always talked about how much it’s been a dream-come-true to play for the Blues, still embodies the belief that Chelsea are a big club and that form is temporary. He sees changes coming. He sees more success coming. And he sees himself in the thick of it.