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King of the Road podcast: Only Fools and Horses

If you’re feeling a bit down after seeing Chelsea make the trip up to Manchester twice in consecutive weekends only to come away with exactly zero points, The King of the Road podcast, hosted by my good friend, Rory Jennings, will surely pick you back up.

Some of you may know Rory from CFC Fan TV, his previous career as a Hollywood bad boy, or most likely, his unmistakable dress choices at Chelsea matches, home and away.

In the latest episode, Rory and special guest Charlie “The Hurricane” Skillen have plenty to talk about, including:

  • Charlie’s recent trip to Barcelona
  • Manchesters United and City
  • Rory’s movie appearing on Netflix
  • Friends
  • the London pizza scene (good job by Charlie to shout-out my personal favourite, Homeslice)
  • the less glamorous side of making a career out of acting and football
  • and much more!

How to listen

Where to find Rory

Where to find this week’s guest (Charlie Skillen)

For whatever my recommendation is worth, I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. Rory has had a season ticket to Chelsea since the 1994/95 season (when he was around ten years old) and had a streak of never missing a match - home or away - spanning several years, that was only recently broken last April when his wedding happened to take place during Chelsea - Crystal Palace.

If you’re interested in hearing game recaps from the perspective of match-going fans (what were the loudest chants at Bournemouth away, what is the worst commute to an away ground, why are European away days so brilliant?) and a bit of football culture (the history of Roma and Lazio, why Nottingham Forest fans are great) and London culture (how to make a proper gin and tonic), you’ll absolutely love this podcast.

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