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Chelsea fall five points behind Premier League’s top four as Liverpool, Tottenham collect easy wins

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Manchester United v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Although neither Huddersfield nor Newcastle United have been sides to cast much fear into their Premier League opponents this season, there was plenty of hope from Chelsea fans that they could muster a good challenge to Tottenham and Liverpool, respectively, in their meetings today. Those however were all brushed away by the Reds and the Spurs, who went on to do what was expected of them with 2-0 scorelines to their favour.

As a result, Chelsea are now five points behind fourth-place Tottenham in the chase for the top four and Champions League berth.

Four of the top six standings will play their games this Sunday, which includes Chelsea’s visit at Etihad to face one of the Premier League’s best sides ever in Manchester City. A team who have won all but one of their matches at home this season, and have lost just once in domestic competitions. Both times they had to play a man down for almost the entire second half.

At this point, City are heavily favoured to hand an emphatic beating to a Chelsea team coming off of a tough loss against rivals Manchester United.

A good a time as ever to prove all the prognosticators wrong!