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Batshuayi responds to UEFA dropping racism investigation into Atalanta monkey chants

He’s not pleased, just as you’d imagine

In February we asked the question; will UEFA do something this time about a report of racial abuse?

That’s when Michy Batshuayi was subjected to monkey chants by Atalanta fans in a Europa League tie.

The chants were audible on the official UEFA feed of the match. In other words, there was evidence.

Ultimately, UEFA announced they’d investigate Atalanta for setting off fireworks, blocking staircases, throwing objects and “Racist behaviour (monkey chants) – Article 14 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (DR).”

So, has UEFA done anything about it? Cynically, we expected a token fine, at best. On Thursday we got our answer, and it wasn’t even that much.

The CEDB (Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body) has decided:

- to fine Atalanta BC €34,000;
- to close the disciplinary proceedings opened for racist or discriminatory behavior.


Will UEFA do anything about racist chanting this time? No. Just like in the case of Antonio Rudiger earlier this season, the charges were simply dropped.

Considering that at the same time BVB were fined €40,000 for fireworks and throwing objects, the fine levied on Atalanta is an absolute joke.

Batshuayi soon went back on Twitter to register his own reaction to the announcement.

Last month, we said we wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for UEFA to do the right thing. Good thing we didn’t.


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