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Chelsea Re-Seen: Jason Cundy’s deadly hiccups, victorious yoofs and on-form loanees

This week’s Chelsea Re-Seen is hosted by Pat Nevin and Ben Andrews as the usual suspect, Jason Cundy, is missing. The hosts begin this week’s video by talking about the elephant in the room: the Barcelona game. Same old, same old. Chelsea did well, individual errors cost us and if we played like that most weeks, we’d win. They’re right of course since most teams don’t go to Camp Nou and end up with more shots than the Catalans along with 44% possession. However the less said about the quality of finishing, the better.

Moving on, they talk about Under-19s beating Real Madrid 4-2 and sealing their place in the semifinals of the UEFA Youth League Cup with the help of a brace from promising youngster, Daishawn Redan. Here is the match report.

But we’re not done with youth yet! Next topic on the table was the Under-18s win over Brighton in the league. The youngsters won their 10th match in a row as they took a step closer to retaining their Under-18 Premier League southern title. Our Under-18s won 4-1 with the help of goals from Brown, Gilmour, McEachran and Mola.

Next we move on to Roy(Woy) Hodgson nearly getting hit by the ball in the Crystal Palace game but managed to turn around just in time and save himself. Come on, Woy. Don’t take your eye off the ball, that’s the first thing you get taught in football! Another person who suffered in the Crystal Palace match was Jason Cundy, as the man’s hiccups just wouldn’t go away.

(For future reference: Breathe in, hold your breath for five seconds, breathe out, hold your breath for five seconds and repeat this process until the hiccups go away. Here you go, Cundy! WAGNH’s guide to getting rid of hiccups!)

Last but not the least. we have some training footage from the senior squad as they prepare for an FA Cup quarter-final clash against Leicester City. But before that we had “Game of Loans”, a segment dedicated to Chelsea loanees who have shined in the past week. This week’s stars are Kenedy and Batshuayi for their braces against Southampton and Frankfurt respectively.

That’s all, folks! Personally, I’m a big fan of the improvements that have been made to Chelsea’s social media in the past couple of years and hope that it continues to improve!

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