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Chelsea’s Premier League and Champions League squads for second-half of season


The January transfer window has shut and the squads are set for the second-half of the 2017-18 season. Following three major signings this January, Chelsea made the maximum number of allowed changes to the Champions League squad, while also registering all the new arrivals for the Premier League.

Let’s start with the latter, since that one is slightly less complicated.


The rules, which have been in place for a few years now, stipulate a maximum squad of 25 players, comprised of no more than 17 non-homegrown players registered. Homegrown players (HGP) are defined as players who spent a minimum of 36 months (3 years, not necessarily continuously) registered with a club in England or Wales before the end of the season in which they turn 21. Players who are still under 21 however (defined as born in 1996 or later) do not count towards either limit — Chelsea technically registered every player in the U18-U21 squads, but we’re only listing the four most likely to be utilized.

For the Premier League squad, this means that Chelsea have increased from 15 non-HGP to 16 after the additions of Giroud and Emerson with Batshuayi leaving on loan. Kenedy and Musonda counted as under-21s, so they have no tangible effect while Barkley adds to the HGP count. Because we only have 5 HGP, we have to go with 3 empty spots. Chelsea do have 1 free non-HGP slot at the moment.

non-HGP (16): Alonso, Azpilicueta, Bakayoko, Willian, Caballero, Courtois, Eduardo, Giroud, Hazard, Kante, David Luiz, Morata, Emerson, Pedro, Rudiger, Zappacosta

HGP (5): Barkley, Cahill, Drinkwater, Fabregas, Moses

U-21 (4+): Ampadu, Christensen, Hudson-Odoi, Sterling, etc.

Or, if you’re a visual learner:


UEFA add a couple extra wrinkles on top of the Premier League’s rules, differentiating between club-trained (CTP) and association-trained (ATP) players as well as having a stricter criteria for the youth list (List B).

With the departure of John Terry, Chelsea have no CTP in the squad. Christensen will qualify next season, but for now, he’s a “freebie” on List B. Though he would be a freebie anyway, since four squad spots are reserved exclusively for CTP. Four additional players may be registered as ATP, and 17 others, like in the Premier League can be non-homegrown.

You will notice that Chelsea actually have 5 ATP with the arrival of Barkley. So one of those five must be registered not as an ATP but just as normal squad player as part of the 17 non-homegrown spots (that empty spot in the Premier League squad list come in handy this time!).

The one other change to note is that Ethan Ampadu is ineligible for List B, since he has not been here for two seasons yet. Unlike the Premier League, which does not have a minimum years requirement for the unlimited under-21 list, UEFA do.

non-HGP (17): Alonso, Azpilicueta, Bakayoko, Barkley, Willian, Caballero, Courtois, Eduardo, Giroud, Hazard, Kante, David Luiz, Morata, Emerson, Pedro, Rudiger, Zappacosta

ATP (4): Cahill, Drinkwater, Fabregas, Moses

CTP (0):

List B: Christensen, Hudson-Odoi, Scott, Sterling

Or, if you’re a visual learner:

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