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WATCH: Hazard talks on World Cup, VAR and Zidane with COPA90

The Chelsea star answers some burning questions.

Eden Hazard sat down with COPA90’s Poet and Vuj for a quick question and answer session at a recent Nike event. The Belgian tackled every topic thrown at him with the same elegance he shows on the field.

Kicking off the chat, he talks about what it’s like to have Thierry Henry as an assistant coach with the Belgium national team. Eden praises the Arsenal legend’s experience in helping with advice and pointers when needed.

Speaking of French icons, Hazard specifically singled out Les Bleus legend and current Real Madrid manager — (just checking; yet, still in the job) — Zinedine Zidane as the one player, past or present, he would’ve liked to have played with. Expect to see 17 more rumor articles linking him to Spain after that admission, which isn’t actually anything new if you’ve been paying attention for the last, oh, six years, but that the rumor mill doesn’t care abou that minor detail.

Sticking with the international theme, the upcoming World Cup group stage match between England and Belgium inevitably came up. Eden talks about what it’s like for several of Belgium’s top players to play for rival clubs across the Premier League but says that when they get together with the national team they are a cohesive unit.

As for the match itself, at first he confidently predicts a Belgium win when they play, but then graciously agrees to settle for the hypothetical draw so everyone goes home happy. We’ll see if that prediction comes to fruition on June 28.

Check out the full Q&A above where Hazard hits on VAR, tough away fixtures (Burnley the new Stoke?) and more.

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