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Art of Football: ‘Football, We Love You’ animated video

Football, soccer, no matter what you call it, let’s agree that it’s truly special.

Created by our friends at Art of Football over many months and from even many more hand-drawn pictures, this video is perfect little love letter to the beautiful game. It was sent along a couple weeks ago, ostensibly timed with Valentine’s Day, but the message is fairly universal and applicable to every day we follow our passion.

The video features some of the most memorable modern moments in football, from goals to saves to controversies to the wonderful characters who inhabit our favorite teams. Like all of Art of Football’s work, it’s made from hand-drawn artwork. Unlike any of Art of Football’s previous work, it’s narrated by Martin Tyler.

From Ronaldinho’s indescribable brilliance to Andrea Pirlo’s everlasting elegance, this amazing piece of work shows the beautiful, passionate, ugly and heroic sides of football. Chelsea even get a few nods as John Terry and Frank Lampard each get a small portion of the video dedicated to them.

Obviously, the video is part celebration (it was their venture’s 4th birthday recently) as well as a promo video to get you to visit and buy some of their stuff. We recommend their Chelsea collection and while we can’t vouch for the quality of the shirts, the ‘Brothers in Arms’ print hangs in David’s home office, and it’s a lovely memento of two of the club’s greatest ever players.

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