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WATCH: 'Inside Chelsea' featuring Eden Hazard and his new orange boots of destruction

Watch the newest video on Chelsea's official Youtube channel and get a look at Eden's new orange boots of destruction!

As they’ve been doing almost every Friday for the past 18 months, Chelsea TV posted their weekly “Chelsea Unseen” feature a couple days ago, once again providing us with some inside access to two first-team and U18 training sessions, some fantastic shots of the West Brom game last Monday and the Chelsea U18s game versus Swansea on February 9. The shots of the West Brom match are especially delightful and offer the opportunity to re-watch that great combination between Eden and Olivier Giroud to put Chelsea in front.

A personal highlight has got to be the appearance of of our all time leading goal scorer Frank Lampard, giving a cheeky smile at 1:14 and making me fall in love with him all over again. These kinds of moments really do connect with fans, whether they’re intended as such or not, and make one hopeful of seeing Lampard (and other Chelsea legends) regularly around Cobham in the foreseeable future.

The heart of the video, however, constitutes the trying out of new footwear by our very own Eden Hazard and friends, putting on his trendy new orange boots for the first time, as well as providing a “not bad” meme-like facial expression at 3:28.

Further moments include shots from the Kirby and Carney Megastore signing a few days back and an interesting Qatar National Sport day I personally hadn't heard about, attended by our current captain Gary Cahill.

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