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Celebrate Chelsea’s 4-0 win over Hull City with Tunnel Cam!

Featuring Marcos Alonso’s love for Morata

All of us may have been busy celebrating Chelsea’s emphatic victory over Hull City in the FA Cup clash but much like our players and our manager who are focused on the real test™ against Barcelona, our YouTube Channel was focused on providing us with exclusive tunnel footage in the form on Chelsea Unseen Access. Thank you, Chelsea TV!

This week, the video began with a few wonderful cinematic shots of our dressing room and our pitch. Rest of the video is quite standard with a few clips of our squad arriving at the stadium, warm up sessions and an interaction between Antonio Conte and Nigel Adkins before the match. Or so we thought. Our beautiful Spanish wing back (I refuse to believe this, he is clearly our striker, have you seen those goals?!) clearly had other ideas. First, he jokes with the kids about how he is not allowed to go out to the pitch unlike the kids. Then, he shifts his target to another Spanish striker of ours (yep, we’re sticking with Alonso being a striker), Alvaro Morata and decides to showcase his defensive nous on him by blocking him out.

Another thing to notice would Conte’s insistence on touching the ceiling every time he walks down the stairs (at 3:00 and 4:14). As of now, WAGNH headquarters aren’t certain if this was just a coincidence or superstition, further research is required. However, if touching the ceiling is what gets us results, I implore Antonio Conte to touch as many ceilings as possible before our Barcelona game.

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