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WATCH: Next level goalkeeper training with Courtois and Spinelli

Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to watching Chelsea goalkeepers train in innovate, weird, unique(?) ways thanks to the sometimes ridiculous methods of goalkeeper coach Christophe Lollichon, often involving anything and everything but an actual football.

Lollichon may have been moved down to working with the youth from first-team goalkeeper training with the arrival of Antonio Conte (and the preferences of Thibaut Courtois), but that doesn’t mean that training has become boring. In fact, Gianluca Spinelli has his own little quirky methods, including the one shown off by Courtois on his Instagram today involving ping-pong balls and active sorting.

As impressive it is that Courtois catches most of the small plastic balls flung at him at high speed, it’s perhaps even more impressive that he’s able to sort them flawlessly at the same time, white ones into the bucket on this right, orange ones into the bucket on his left. Concentration!

Or maybe I’m just easily impressed. Either way, nice work, goalkeeping crew!

P.S.: Spinelli’s Instagram is chock-full of pictures of his dog(s), which automatically makes him the best goalkeeper coach.

Happy Christmas ❤️ #christmasday #happiness

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