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The Daily Hilario: Coast-to-coast AM live

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Hazy sunset on the Pacific coastline near Monterey,... Photo by Marji Lang/LightRocket via Getty Images

In a little under three weeks, at the beginning of March, I will be going on a little adventure, checking off something that I’ve always wanted to do, and driving coast-to-coast (and back again), from California to Florida. We will be doing it as a group ride (6 motorcycles and yours truly in the chase/support car) on the way there; on the way back it will be just the wife and I.

Why am I telling you this? Part of it is a programming note (i.e. I might have less time for the blog during those three weeks), and thus part of it is also a call for a contributor or contributors. We’ve done this a couple times in the past, and while I’m always happy to publish FanPosts and other such op-eds, which seems to be the things most people like to do, I’m looking for something a bit more mundane this time.

Basically, I’m looking for someone to help us “do the news”, which I know a lot of you in here already do anyway. Obviously, it’s a bit different to just drop a comment than to do an actual post, and commensurate with that effort, I am able to offer a small amount of compensation (think beer money, not rent money). Ideally, you’re someone who resides, say, in Europe or Africa or the East Coast (or any other timezone in that range), to help us cover the rare times when I’m not awake, or in the case of the road trip, when I’m busy road tripping. Ideally, you’re also someone who’s been around WAGNH for a while, so you know the tone, the approach, the general perspective we take on most things. I’d like to keep this a “family” affair in that sense, as that’s been working well for us since the blog’s inception — our core staff have always been WAGNH veterans (Graham, Steve, myself, Kevin, Fellipe, Ram, etc.).

In any case, if you’re interested, drop me a line via email (it’s just my full name at gmail). Much appreciated!

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
17.00: Europa Leauge, R.of32, 1st leg: Red Star Belgrade vs. CSKA Moscow
19.00: FA Youth Cup, 5th round: Tottenham Hotspur U18 vs. CHELSEA U18
19.45: Champions League, R.of16, 1st leg: Juventus vs. Tottenham Hotspur
19.45: Champions League, R.of16, 1st leg: FC Basel vs. Manchester City

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