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The Daily Hilario: Avengers Endgame

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.


BOOM! You lookin’ for this?

I know I am. I’ve never been as hyped for any movie as I have been for this one and I can’t wait.

Unfortunately, the movie will be release on April 26th, so still lots of time to left before we get to the fun part. However, fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe but this does put a smile on my face.

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
12.30: Premier League, 7th vs 2nd: Bournemouth vs Liverpool
15.00: Premier League, 5th vs 17th: Arsenal vs Huddersfield
15.00: Premier League, 19th vs 10th: Burnley vs Brighton
15.00: Premier League, 16th vs 18th: Cardiff vs Soton
15.00: Premier League, 8th vs 20th: Man United vs Fulham
15.00: Premier League, 13th vs 15th: West Ham vs C. Palace
17.30: Premier League, 4th vs 1st: CHELSEA vs Man City
19.45: Premier League, 9th vs 3rd: Leicester vs Spurs

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