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Chelsea call out morons who shame club with antisemitic chanting, as UEFA launch investigation

Reports of anti-semitic chanting from Chelsea fans at MOL Vidi away match

Yes, it would appear that it happened again. Literally just days after Chelsea and Chelsea fans were shamed by the apparent racist abuse of Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling at Stamford Bridge, the club’s name and reputation are being dragged through the mud once again by reports of anti-semitic chanting at the MOL Vidi match on Thursday night in Budapest.

These have now been brought to the attention of UEFA, who have launched an investigation (or are set to launch an investigation). That probably will mean that Chelsea will be absolved (or just slapped on the wrist), since UEFA investigations are impotent and useless things (as we saw with the “investigation” into Rudiger’s racial abuse by AS Roma supporters), but that does not take away one bit from the sheer idiocy, embarrassment, and shame of the situation.

Either way, it’s exasperating, and Chelsea’s official statement seems to indicate that the club are fed up with it as well.

I’m not sure what the strongest possible action may be, but lifetime bans should just be the start for anyone who participates in such chanting, abuse, or behavior.

Antisemitism and any other kind of race-related or religious hatred is abhorrent to this club and the overwhelming majority of our fans. It has no place at Chelsea or in any of our communities.

We have stated this loud and clear on many occasions from the owner, the board, coaches and players. Any individuals that can’t summon the brainpower to comprehend this simple message and are found to have shamed the club by using antisemitic or racist words or actions will face the strongest possible action from the club.

P.S.: If you think any of this is funny, or “just banter”, or not that important or anything of the sort, please identify yourself in the comments so at least I can ban you from this site. Thank you.

P.P.S.: Yes, this has been going on for many years, decades even. That doesn’t make it right or correct or acceptable.

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